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Thread: Patterns in Nature ~ Radioisotopes Secondary Investigation

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    Patterns in Nature ~ Radioisotopes Secondary Investigation

    Hi guys,
    With the dot point "use available evidence to discuss, using examples, the role of technologies, such as the use of radioisotopes in tracing the path of elements through living plants and animals", there's a very trivial bit that confuses me. It may not even be important, but the info I got was very inconsistent (from the same source!!) and I need your help in understanding it.

    So, in the Jacaranda Prelim Course Bio textbook, it says on page 196 in the main text that "After about nine hours, the radioactive phosphorus had been transported by phloem into the youngest growing shoots of the plant." However, in the caption for Figure 8.21 on the same page, it says that "Six hours after incubation, radioactive phosphorus concentrated in youngest leaves." Why is this, or is this completely stupid to even worry about?

    Please tell me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Patterns in Nature ~ Radioisotopes Secondary Investigation

    You don't need to know the real process. Basically using an example, such as carbon-14, or other ones you may know, are inserted into plants and animals to trace the movement of elements and other substances. For plants it's to trace movement in xylem (Water transport) and phloem (sugar/sucrose transport) whereas for plants it could be glucose etc.
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