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    Chemistry FAQ

    Posting in the Chemistry Forum

    I hope all of you are enjoying your Chemistry course.

    Before posting any questions you don't understand, why not do a search in the Chemistry forum? Just type in the key word and click "Go"; anything related to that key word will be displayed and will hopefully provide you with the information you need. The image below indicates where the search function is in the forum.

    If you are unsure of any content in the Chemistry course or would like additional sources of information, why not check out the resources section of Bored of Studies? These notes have been created by former and current HSC students for various courses and may help you if you are unsure of any content. Also, you have the opportunity to upload your own notes and help thousands of fellow HSC students!

    Additionally, Biki has been launched which can also provide an additional source of information for HSC Chemistry as well as other HSC courses. Furthermore, if you are a registered member of Bored of Studies, you are able to add any information you believe should be part of the course that is not already presented, which in turn may help other students. If there are any features or problems with Biki you would like to discuss, you may visit the Biki Discussion forum.



    Information regarding HSC Chemistry

    The HSC Chemistry syllabus provided by the Board of Studies is located here


    Information regarding the HSC Chemistry Exam Paper

    The HSC Chemistry exam consists of two sections:

    Section I - Part A

    This consists of 20 multiple choice questions which could be from any of the core modules of the HSC course - Production of Materials, The Acidic Environment and Chemical Monitoring and Management. The questions could also relate to any of the practical dot points in the syllabus.

    Section I- Part B

    This section consists of short answer questions (making a total of 55 marks), relating to all three core modules of the HSC course. Once again, you may be asked to describe an experiment that you have done (or should have done) during the course.

    HINT: Read the question carefully. Underline the verb used in the question. Each verb has a different meaning. A glossary of the verbs has been provided by the Board of Studies and is located here.

    Section II

    This section consists of short answer questions relating to the ELECTIVE you did during your course.

    Available Electives:
    Shipwrecks, Corrosion and Conservation
    Industrial Chemistry
    Chemistry of Art
    Biochemistry of Movement
    Forensic Chemistry

    NOTE: Both Section I - Part B and Section II may have a 6/7 mark question. It is very important that you know what the question is asking. That is, you know what the verb means, and you answer your question according to that. For example, if the question is asking you to ASSESS something, you need to make a judgement of it (ie. whether it is good or bad and come to a conclusion/judgement). Also, do not write too much in the exam. This is important because many students begin to contradict themselves when they write too much.
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