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Thread: Physics or Eco

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    Unhappy Physics or Eco

    Just started preliminary courses. I chose Physics because I like the subject, I like the concepts of Physics (they are very engaging and always I was interested in Physic-y stuff). But upon entering my physics class for the 3rd time, I can definitely say I hate my class. The teacher is slow (spent a whole lesson talking about distance and displacement) and my class mates are actually unbearable, annoying, (some) dumb and straight out not cut out for physics. I'm in a 250+ ranked school and I have good self study skills. My noisiest class is physics (plain stupid), and I hate my physics class more than my english class (I hate english), physics is my least favourite class right now.
    For my timetable, I can perfectally switch to Economics, where some of my friends are, and they said the economics teacher is good and seems like they'll be up to date to the syllabus. What I am worried about if I stick to physics is about the depth study in the new physics syllabus.
    My mother and grandpa has good background in economics (grandpa was an economist or something) and I do find the flow of money/value interesting. If I change to eco I don't know if I will do very well in it. I heard there is a lot of essay writing and that is probably (?) not my strong point. I also don't know if I can keep up with physics, I do think it will get intense and at this point I'm questioning if I am capable for both physics and eco.
    I am doing Chemistry and Biology too.

    So Physics = bad teacher, unbearable classmates; Economics = good teacher

    I'd be keen for advice if possible. Thanks

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    Re: Physics or Eco

    I do both Economics and Physics. Both Economics and Physics and high scaling and both teach interesting concepts in their own regard.

    When I started Physics in Year 11, I was stuck with doing these basic distance, displacement and vector stuff and was really boring and basic, especially since I was really good at math, my class was also very noisy. As the year progressed, it became evident that the basic concepts taught at the very beginning were crucial particularly in Year 12. By the end of the year most of the noisy students dropped out as struggled in the final exams. Concepts in Year 12 delve further into harder concepts such as projectile motion and special relativity which I also found interesting. I would highly recommend Physics if you have an interest in the course and have basic trigonometry and rearranging equations nailed down.

    On the other hand, economics deals with the flow of money throughout the world. In Year 11, you lay down the fundamentals of how consumers, businesses and the government will generally act and look at money on a macro level. It fitted extremely well with the knowledge of the world I had when I looked at the price tags of items in shops. Year 11 focuses mostly on the general structure of our economy and compares it to other economies in the world. In Year 12, you look into these ideas in more depth and give more focus on Australia and its connections with the global economy. I would recommend economics on the same level as Physics.

    You should also keep in mind that both Physics and Economics required math and long responses however Physics is more based on a understanding of concepts and how you would apply it to different objects in different situations while Economics requires a general level of math has 2 extended responses which will compose of at least 40% of your marks in the HSC. I hope this helps. Sources: am doing both eco and phys.

    But really, choose whatever you want so you dont regret anything and drop later if you want
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