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Thread: Experience As A International Student

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    Experience As A International Student

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I just came to Australia from Hong Kong this year. I am currently studying at year 10. But there is a pretty big issues that my English is not very well. Sometimes I can't really understand what people are saying and also people found it pretty to understand what I am saying. So is there any tips and experience that you guys can provide to help me overcome this problem.
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    Re: Experience As A International Student

    Hey! I also moved from HK to Australia a while ago. Since it's been two years you've started this forum, I'm hoping that you are feeling better & is comfortable studying here! In regards to how you can improve, as I came to Australia whilst I was still in primary school, I definitely found it much easier to blend in with the people here but a few tips I would say are,

    - watch more english dramas, tv shows etc.
    - no matter if you're fluent or not, keep talking to the other people who speak English
    - if you have siblings, speak English at home (even though I don't- maybe that explains why I still have a HK accent)
    - try to think in English, not in Chinese

    As you're in year 12 this year, you can most definitely apply for the EAS (the Educational Assess Scheme) and I strongly suggest that you should apply for it. Listening shouldn't be a problem now as you've been living here for 2 years. However, writing can still be a problem. For that, I suggest you to maybe get a tutor who can help you so you can perform at the best of your ability in the final HSC English exam.
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