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Thread: Subject Selection (Help with either Chemistry or Biology)

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    Subject Selection (Help with either Chemistry or Biology)

    Hey Guys,

    I am Planning to do the following subjects,

    - Extension 1 Mathematics - 1 unit
    - Mathematics Advanced - 2 units
    - Physics - 2 units
    - Engineering Studies - 2 units
    - English Advanced - 2 units
    - Studies Of Religion - 1 unit
    - I need help with this one either Chemistry or Biology, but I am leaning towards Biology due to the easier workload and due to Chemistry not really interesting me. What do you guys think? BTW i'm planning to do engineering (probably aeronautical engineering once in University). Any advice is helpful thank you.

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    Re: Subject Selection (Help with either Chemistry or Biology)

    I'm not sure what assumed knowledge is for aeronautical engineering is, but chemistry tends to be an assumed knowledge subject over biology. But again, bio is a lot of memorisation and content, related to ecosystems, plants, humans and animals, whilst chemistry has more physics based stuff and mathy questions (plus all the relevant society things). They've changed the syllabus recently for both of these sciences, and whilst I can't comment on bio, chem is definetely more chemistry than the old course was- you learn about the shape of molecules and spdf notation, which is probably the harder bit of the course (imo). If you plan on dropping this subject anyway, it doesn't really matter which one you choose.
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