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Thread: How to effectively use textbooks

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    How to effectively use textbooks

    Hey guys
    Just wondering how to use 2 textbooks efficiently.
    Before the start of Year 11, I purchased the MX1 Cambridge textbook but my school uses another for classwork/homework. I've read great reviews on the Cambridge book and it's good so I want to do exercises from it but I've never found the time.
    I planned to do some exercises before exams but I never have the time and instead, I do past papers.

    I have another one for Year 12 and looking for any advice from people who own more than one textbook and how you find the time to work on it.


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    Re: How to effectively use textbooks

    Firstly, don't worry - I was the same as you back when I was in Year 11 last year.

    The best way to use other textbooks is to use them during your free periods (if you have them) or at home when you're not too busy and you don't have exams looming around.

    For example, I currently use around 3 textbooks for 3U Math (Cambridge, Fitzpatrick and Maths in Focus) but I use them for different purposes. I normally learn the content and do some questions using Cambridge and then use Fitzpatrick to consolidate it. Maths in Focus is what my school uses so I use it during class only.

    Also, you don't have to do every question in a particular book - it's impossible to do all the questions as it would just take too much time.

    But to be honest, the best way to learn is past papers rather than textbooks, but that's just my opinion.
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    Re: How to effectively use textbooks

    I find that textbooks are good for self study/getting introduced to a new idea (in terms of learning)

    You should be using them in the school holidays as opposed to the school term (so you can focus on past papers)

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