Hey everyone!
I hope trials were okay!!
So I have a bit of a problem here, I have a teacher who does not like me at all
I don't want to mention what subject she teaches, but its a subject that has a major work that is due soon
It all started at the beginning of year 12, and got progressively worse since
She says comments to me that I don't really like, and she's always picking on me and embarassing me in front of the whole class
At first I thought she might just be motivating me and I'm taking it the wrong way, but now she's straight up just bullying me
She's really nice to the rest of the class but with me she's so cold and rude
Things she's done to me include embrassing me for an assessment I didn't do so well in, telling me to 'shut up' on a daily basis even tho the rest of the class is also talking, giving me dirties whenever I make a point in class or participate in class discussions
There's also many things I can't do but others can like coming to class a few minutes class, going to the bathroom or things like that
I am not a horrible student or anything and my marks range from 80-95% in that subject, so there is literally no reason for her to treat me like this
I have spoken to the head teacher recentely and told him my concerns
But I really don't like the way she is treating me and I'm sick and tired of it
Advice please???