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Thread: How do you manage your Mental Health?

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    How do you manage your Mental Health?

    Hi there,

    How are you handling the pressure and the strain of the HSC? Do you feel like your mental health is
    constantly being challenged?

    It’s never easy getting all your work done on time, finding time to study, managing the expectations
    of parents and teachers and staying sane at the same time. We asked a 99+ ATAR student,
    Sophie, how she dealt with all this and still looked after her mental health.

    You can read about her strategies and learn how you can deal with all the stresses of the HSC by clicking HERE.

    We’d love to hear about your own techniques for dealing with the pressures of the HSC. Have you
    had mental health challenges? How did you overcome them?

    If you want to get your hands on more content like this, sign-up to the Band6 Resource Library to get access to over 80 FREE resources.
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    Re: How do you manage your Mental Health?

    Sounds really cliché and obvious, but recreational time is just as important as study time! Taking breaks makes for much more effective study: try five to ten-minute breaks between every thirty minutes spent studying. Have some water each break and a snack every other (nut/oat bars are great, but bananas and apples are legendary).

    Also, sleep is key: I could write you a twelve-page essay on the importance of sleep on mental, emotional and physical well-being, so make sure you are getting a minimum of seven hours of sleep!
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    Re: How do you manage your Mental Health?

    I manage to keep sane by

    -Reading fiction (I find this really helpful to relax)
    -Exercising regularly,
    -Chatting with friends
    -Meditating in the morning and reminding myself of my goals.

    Also, I manage my time by setting daily to-do lists and organising my day the night before! This is really helpful!
    I also sleep early (9:30PM) And I wake up early (4:30AM) To study. I find this a nice way to manage my time, just find your preference!
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