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Thread: Help please!! Past hospitality students.

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    Help please!! Past hospitality students.

    Soo ive really stuffed up now...
    I do 12 units and one of them is hospitality..
    When I chose It I though " oh I'll just do work exp in holidays and it'll be an easy test, and a saftey net in case I do bad in another subjects"
    so I obviously I've been studying hard all other subjects and been lazy in hospitality, now I've just had my half yearlys and I don't think I did well do well cuz I didnt study xD. So I'm not sure now weather to keep hospitality or not.

    What I need to know ..
    in hospitality is anything you did in yr 11 part of year 12 ?
    Howeasily/hard is the test incomparison to other subjects ?
    How long did u study for it and what marks did u get for the final exam ?

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    Re: Help please!! Past hospitality students.

    (I finished HSC last year 2011)

    I did hospitality (food and beverage stream) at an external hospitality college separate to my school in year 11 we only worked in the practicals that contributed to our competency for the units.
    In year 12 it was a different story, we only had to do 4 practicals over the whole year and since my school did not offer hospitality i did not have half yearlies. Additionally i was aloud to undertake catholic schools paper for the trails but i was told that this would not contribute at all to my final mark and was just like a practice exam. I scored around the 80s in that test if i remember correct but since it didn't count i wasn't worried.

    Basically the reason for all of that was my last Hospitality HSC Exam on the 11 November last year counted for 100% of my grade (worst feeling..)
    I had around 1 1/2 extra weeks of study between my 2nd last exam and the hospitality exam. But before that i studied for about 2 months straight from the end of school and throughout the exams for all of my subjects.

    My final result for the hospitality (100%) hospitality exam was 96. i was extremely pleased and was fortunate enough to have prepared information for the exact same questions the paper had asked.

    the most important thing i found was to redo over and over all of the past papers - i printed out all of the ones i could get my hands on. even though the information gets updated every year they have a very similar format and it was very easy to identify exactly what the question wanted and how to get the marks.

    Hope that all helps!

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