Hi everyone,
I just got my CSSA trial exam back, and I'm confused now by what is meant by industry examples.
My teacher asked to provide industry examples for pretty much every single question.
I did try to give examples, but my teacher didn't see it as an example.

The extended response question:
Within a hospitality establishment there are many departments working together to produce quality service for customer. Distinguish between the roles of different departments within the hospitality sector. Evaluate how these departments interrelate and utilise safe work practices to provide quality customer service. In your answer use specific industry examples.

I said that the food production and housekeeping interrelates with this example,
(eg. the housekeeping and food production department work together as the housekeeping attendant contacts the food production worker to remove the trays left in guest's room).

My teacher then immediately commented 'Workplace example please'

please comment.