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Thread: Please read this BEFORE posting.

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    Please read this BEFORE posting.

    Hi guys, and welcome to the maths forums. Just a few things before you post:

    - Before you post a problem or question, can you just make sure that you are posting it in the correct section (4 unit problems in the 4 unit section etc).
    - If you are able to identify the topic of your problem in the thread title, this would help greatly, as different members are good at different things.
    - Quoting the source of the problem is helpful as members might have solutions for you, greatly simplifying the process. (For example, quote the exercise from a textbook or the exam paper by creator and year).
    - Any non-HSC problems or questions go in the Extra-curricular thread.

    Following these general guidelines would help in greatly streamlining the process in these forums so that you get the best help possible

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    Extracurricular Maths vs. Tertiary Education/Maths Forums

    There are 2 related forums where you can inquire about higher-level maths and what should be posted here:

    [1] Extracurricular/Higher Level
    Aim of this forum: General inquiry/challenges into higher-level mathematics, including topics covered at university. Includes competitions run externally.

    - Pretty straightforward. Although "user help threads" are discouraged.

    [2] Disciplines > Maths
    Aim of this forum: Inquiries about course structure or course-specific questions. Also ok place to ask for help with university subjects/university maths questions.

    - Homework/tutorial questions that are subject/university specific (although it is ok to post in Extracurricular)
    - Enquiries about particular subject e.g. MATH1121. e.g. what is MATH202 like?
    - You are allowed to post individual questions from specific subjects, however if mods think that a thread would have use for GIFTED & TALENTED Students, then it may be moved to Extracurricular Topics.
    - All questions about university pathways, subject selections, majors, degrees should be posted in this MATHS forum not in EXTRACURRICULAR.

    Other Rules:
    The rest of the tips are similar as per here
    Helpful Tips/Rules for making the most out of the Maths Forums

    Just some key reminders
    ** Unless stated otherwise, lecture materials generally are copyrighted, so don't post them with permission. there are some free-textbooks, which are good, such as Trench Real Analysis, which are allowed to post, provided it is within the licensing conditions.
    ** Don't ask for textbooks or ePDFs.
    ** No tutoring advertisements or other ads.
    ** Don't spam with multiple posts, across either forum (mods will check both), with a particular question. One question, max one thread.

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