Hi, to study IPT I use a combination of the IPT excel textbook and Mr.Brightside IPT Notes.

This is what notes on a school database look like on Mr.Brightside notes:

School databases

 School community (students, staff, parents)
 Authorities e.g. BOS, government, catholic education office
 Any organisation, business, or individual that receives information generated by the school or supplies data for the system. E.g. book company

 To maintain the efficient operation of the school, personnel, resources & administration tasks
 To provide information on student enrolments, subject selections & assessments for both school staff & educational authorities

 Information on people, resources & processes, subjects and statistical results
 Equipment registers, finance & purchase orders, library loans, staff information, timetables, student marks & grades


 Administrative/Office & library staff who enter data
 Teachers
 Principles / leaders/managers

Information technology
 Computers
 Barcode readers
 Scanners
 Software- spreadsheet applications
 Smart boards
 Data projectors
 Audio devices
 Virus protection software

Excel, on the other hand, is pretty brief.

So should I be memorising the entirity of what is above or just in brief? In general what would be the level of depth I would need to go into for topics (Samuel davis compared to excel)?

Also, what does this mean: 'describe the relationships between participants, data/information and information technology for the given examples of database information systems'?