Im currently in year 11 and working to create a focus question for my historical investigation for modern history.
I want to talk about the debate over whether hitlers regime and the final solution were intentionalist or functionalist. theres a lot of historiography and debate on it, which is why imd doing it.

(jut in case yorue not sure of what these mean, intentioanlist is bascially saying that hitler wanted to eliminate the jews from the get go - that the final solution was his intention from as soon as the nazi party gained power.
functionalist sentiment is that hitler USED the discrimination and elimination of jews as a way of getting power, like a function of sorts)

idk how to word this into a single focus question. im thinking something like
was the final solution fortified by intentionalist or functionalist regime by hitler?

can someone let me know if this is a good idea for my historical investigation and perhaps suggest some ways of workding my question so that it sounds better? thanks