Hi, I'm a recent high school graduate that did not receive an offer for UNSW Commerce (International) in the main round as I did not meet the ATAR requirement of 97.25 (I got 93.3).

I received an offer from UTS for Bachelor of Business/International Studies.
Would it be better to take up that course and externally transfer into UNSW? Or should I just stick to the UTS course? I would like to go to the UNSW course due to the uni's "prestige" and a shorter course duration of 4 years compared to the UTS one of 5 years.


Take up Bach. of Commerce at UNSW and internally transfer if I manage to receive an offer on the Feb 1 Round with bonus points. This method requires 80WAM which I've heard from a friend is kinda difficult to achieve for first year students.

I'm not sure on which route to follow. Thankyou!