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Thread: Transferring to USYD Arts then to USYD Law/Arts?

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    Transferring to USYD Arts then to USYD Law/Arts?


    Background knowledge about me:
    I was born and did high school in Melbourne, but it has always been my dream to do Law at Usyd. I was one of the top students in a private school that I attended, however, during year 12 I got expelled. I had no motivation to wait a whole year to apply to a different high school and then attempt year 12 again, so I just went to TAFE. I transferred into a University that isn't so prestigious and am currently completing my first year of Arts.

    I still have the goal of doing Law at Usyd and on the website it states that the criterion that they use for admissions is either ATAR or GPA/WAM; whichever is higher. Everything seems fine because if I get a high GPA then I could possibly be offered a place but, after reading many posts on here, it seems like ATAR is significant in the selection process. The consensus that ATAR is important and Usyd's statement about the criteria, is contradictory. My question is does ATAR actually matter? Is it possible to gain admissions with my circumstances; my ATAR is not only low but it is literally zero? Secondly, If I do not receive an offer while I am in Melbourne, would transferring to Usyd Arts make any difference if I choose to reapply the following year since it is an internal transfer? I don't mind doing Arts at Usyd (I actually love Arts subjects), as long as Law is an eventuality; I don't want to have to have to transfer back to Melbourne for Law after Arts. Therefore, if it is 100% that Usyd LLB/BA is not possible then it would be easier to do Arts at Melbourne and Law as well. Lastly, Usyd JD is an option but Usyd explicitly states that ATAR is worth 25%. Do I have a chance if I have no ATAR and high GPA/WAM?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Transferring to USYD Arts then to USYD Law/Arts?

    Usyd uses the greater of your original ATAR, or the ATAR equivalent of your other university attempts (provided they are at least 1 year full time equivalent). I believe the law admission web page makes some type of statement about the type of GPA or wam would be needed in such cases to be "competitive".

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