Hi, I'm an international student, completed high school with an ATAR of 88.60 and it wasn't sufficient to get me into the Bachelor of Commerce which requires 95 ATAR, so I took Bachelor of Economics in hope of transferring internally to Commerce in the second year after I have finished 48CPs. I did all the BUSS core subjects for first year so that I can apply for credit in case I could get an offer from Commerce. Just wondering what is (roughly) their WAM requirements to be considered to be competitive enough?

My first semester results was
BUSS1001 - 65
BUSS1020 - 84
BUSS1030 - 80
BUSS1040 - 76
-> WAM was 76.3 (DI)

However in the second semester I didn't do well so I'm not expecting a higher WAM than my first semester. I've finished 2 still have 2 final exams left, is there still any chances to get in Commerce if I can get a WAM of around ~70 in this semester?

Thanks in advance !