I'm currently filling out the JCU application for Medicine and I'm having some trouble answering the questions. If you could provide any help, it'd be much appreciated.

Specifically, there's a section in the application where it asks us to describe any sort of work/ volunteering experiences that demonstrate our motivation to study medicine. I have done some volunteering experience, but I'm not sure if they're relevant enough. Of course, I also have my experiences from clinical placement (I'm studying Nursing), but I'm not sure if it's the best example as it was mainly from a nursing perspective (we observed the rest of the multi-disciplinary team too, but to a much lesser extent). Also it's technically part of my uni coursework, so don't think it's counted :/

Also I know I should emphasis rural/Indigenous health, so would it be alright to mention how I've become interested in Indigenous health after learning about it in nursing and so wish to expand upon it? Or is that a really weak reasoning :/ Also with regards to rural health, I've seen the difficulties some of my family had to go through with regards to health, mainly due to coming from a lower socioeconomic status - however this is in India, and they weren't exactly from a rural area, so I don't even know if I should include it or not. There are some similarities but idk.

So yeah... any help would be great I'm currently very confused on what's acceptable to include and what's not.