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Thread: Should I take a gap year to reapply for university?

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    Should I take a gap year to reapply for university?

    I just graduated with a 97 and enrolled in biomed at monash but really feel this is not the path for me. i would like to transfer to radiography but internal transfer sounds pretty tough as only one non year 12 was accepted this year. however my atar is still below the clearly in for radiography which is 97.9, so i was thinking to apply to rmit or deakin which is lower but may be change next year. i'm also not super confident about a super high wam for transfers so is it really worth to take a gap year and reapply as a yr 12? or just start uni and try internal transfer and apply through vtac again as non yr 12?
    also what are the job prospects for radiography? i just heard its pretty good but is it really worth it, or should i just continue on with biomed
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    Re: Should I take a gap year to reapply for university?

    I'm unfamiliar with radiography's career prospects and I hope someone will answer that question in more detail.

    Do you have any interest in taking a gap year? I took personally alot of time off between high school and university, and I'm 23 and just in my 2nd year. Yeah, I do regret wasting time. But if you plan to do something valuable- like further work experience, travel, meeting more people, getting involved in your community it can be worth it.

    How set are you on radiography? If it's your dream, perhaps RMIT or Deakin would be fine. But I think because of just how demanding both biomedicine and radiography are, you should definately have your heart set on it. I'm getting the impression that you are a tad uncertain, which is fine most people are. But think carefully about what you want to do and what you want to spend your time doing. As you are enrolled in Biomedicine, you can always try it for a year and see what it results in. Good luck.
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