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Thread: Uni. General> Medicine rules: Please read before posting

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    Uni. General> Medicine rules: Please read before posting

    Hi there, and welcome to the Bored of Studies Medical Forum.

    Before you ask a question or post in this forum, we’d appreciate if you read the following rules.

    Forum Guidelines

    1. This forum is, as the title suggests, for Medical related discussion. Spam and/or irrelevant posts will be deleted immediately.

    2. Offensive posts will be deleted promptly and reported as deemed necessary.

    2. If you cannot answer a question, then plese refrain from doing so. There is no need to post “I’m not sure, sorry” posts, nor meaningless discussion that detracts from the original topic.

    3. Stay on topic. A comment on your last family holiday does not belong in a topic on medical schools. Unless of course the holiday was to obtain the UMAT course materials and contains all the relevant information including description and price.

    4. In sending moderators a personal message you agree to the posting of the original query with or without reply for the benefit of other members. Such questions shall be de-identified of personal details and/or circumstances.

    5. No correspondence shall be entered into and the Moderators' decision shall be final.

    When Posting a Question

    1. Please search before you post using Bored of Studies' integrated "Search" feature in the top right corner of your internet page. Make sure you are searching the “Uni> General” forum. Also look at "UNSW> Faculties of Science and Medicine" and "USyd> Faculties of Science and Medicine". You can more than likely find answers to common problems rather than re-iterating the topic every few months. Too often people ask questions which could easily be queried such as "What is the UMAT?" or "How long does medicine take?". Such questions will be ignored or we will advise you to take a refresher course in using Google.
    a) Other helpful sites to search can be found in the links thread.

    2. Do not post hate threads (also known as UNSW vs. UNCLE or UMelb vs Monash threads, et cetera). They only cause problems and will be deleted. Of course, informed discussion regarding the respective merits of each university is always welcome.

    3. If you have a multitude of related questions, post them all neatly in one post. No need to create five or six different posts for your questions. If your questions are not related, please create separate threads as this will facilitate browsing for other members.

    4. Name the thread title of your new topic accordingly. “Help!!!” does not assist anyone in finding it at a later stage. “Which textbooks should I buy?” does.

    Your friendly Moderators,
    Lexicographer, inasero, +Po1ntDeXt3r+ (quasi-moderator)
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    As the list of links above has since become both out of date and incomplete, I have created a new (and easier to navigate) links thread separate from this one. I have removed the MJA (irrelevant to medical candidates) and the AusMedStudent forum (sadly closed), as well as added the new GMP schools which opened earlier this year.
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    Re: Uni. General> Medicine rules: Please read before posting

    There have been a number of people lately who have been constantly breaching guidelines 1-3. We will be cracking down and removing any posts that breach these rules, so yes just stop doing it and be nice to each other!
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