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Thread: Beginning to hate History Extension :(

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    Angry Beginning to hate History Extension :(

    Hi everyone!

    Ive only completed 1 term of history extension and really enjoyed the beginning part of the course. However, all we have been doing is summarising John Warrens "History and the Historians" , which isnt an easy read and some crap in it either makes no sense or doesnt contain enough information to help me answer the 4 questions .

    Where did you guys get information to answer the 4 questions based on the historians? Im sick of only relying on Warren

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    Re: Beginning to hate History Extension :(

    I assume that because your teacher has been focusing on this one guy for a whole term so that you and your class will be able to use this a starter or way to understand Hist Ext, personally I’ve only done 2 issues so far (Should history be written by normal people or academics? and should selective history be trusted?? The first issue was a comparative analysis between 2 historians and the second issue was a combination of multipolar histosians eg military, journalist, teacher, etc
    I’m sure that your teacher will move soon and use different historians, I wouldn’t be happy either focusing on one guy, I think your tescher just wants to drill this guy into your brains so you can use it during your exams lol
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