Why do we have so few SoR trial papers??

I have scoured the internetz and found only 1 trial paper - the newington SoR 2U 2003 trial paper. And we know the syllabus changed afterwards.

If we all got together and everyone uploaded at least their own trial paper, we'd have a collection that we could all use! Nowadays, it's so easy to scan papers too - if you don't have a scanner or a printer with a scanning feature, you can use free applications on your phone like:
Google Drive (Android/iOS)
CamScanner (Android/iOS/Windows Phone)
Genius Scan (Android/iOS/Windows Phone)
Scannable by Evernote (iOS)
FineScanner (iOS)

We could either use this thread, or make a slack/discord channel, or anything which someone suggests. I only have the Newington paper mentioned above, as well as the Excel study guide sample papers (2 of them), but more than happy to contribute these in the spirit of give and take for mutual benefit.

Would anyone be interested in this?