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Thread: READ FIRST: Studies of Religion Forum Tips & Guidelines

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    Arrow READ FIRST: Studies of Religion Forum Tips & Guidelines

    with thanks to = Jennifer = and acmilan for their contributions to this post

    1. Using the menu at the top right hand corner of the window, select 'search' and type in the key words of your question, as it may have been answered previously (9 times out of 10 it is).

    2. Browse through the resources at Bored Of Studies to see if your question is covered there in the notes (9 times out of 10 it is). For those that do not know, the resource page for SOR is:

    3. When asking your question, please be polite, clear, and remember to state the relevant dotpoint and syllabus details (unit name is usually helpful...)

    4. Flick through the actual forum's main page (ie look at the titles/descriptions) as the same questions are always being asked and there is often a thread on your question half a page down!!!

    5. Please keep your posts about the subject positive. The aim of this forum is to give help where possible with SOR, not to list your grievances and dislike of the subject 'cause you "have" to do it. Posts of this nature will be deleted. This is also a place not for discussion about religion beyond a more general scope of which is relevant to the subject (please use the News/Current Affairs forum instead)

    6. No one is here to do your work for you, we are simply here to give guidance such as whether your ideas are good/bad, right/wrong and if people feel nice they might also give some sites and responses to some questions.

    7. Only post a question in one thread, if you dont get a response, be patient and dont post it in other threads or bump your thread by pointless posting

    8. Please dont use the SOR forum to bump up your post counts by excessive thankyou's, asking people what school they go to etc. Its really annoying wading through inappropriate posts to find stuff to help people. Posts of this nature will be deleted and threads locked if this continues to occur.

    Probably the main thing to remember
    We are not here to do your homework or assignments for you.
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