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    The novel Dracula captures the strong essence of fear whilst allowing the audience to gain a sense of danger. Through the use of tone Stoker achieves in elaborating fear as an integral part of the story and gothic literature in "But the doors would not move." This quote's direct tone allows the audience to get an open view on how fear dominates the character's thinking as its creates an environment of harm and destruction for the characters. The audience visualises the desperation of the characters and a sudden tone of eagerness to withdraw from discomfort is incorporated in the readers and the characters heart. Stoker 'playing' with fear outlines it's crucial importance in gothic literature, fear allows in gothic literature go to overlook the dominance of other emotions and place fear as a key leader controlling the flow of the book and shaping it's ending to the very end. Fear captures the hope placed in the book and allows Stoker to place his characters in such a tense environment Stoker achieves for his characters strong empathy from the audience and maintains the textual integrity of his book by allowing a sense of danger to be created as fear 'moves' the plot.
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