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Thread: Rules when choosing related texts?

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    Rules when choosing related texts?

    I've been finding a lot of mixed information online as to what related texts you can't choose, and I think my teacher might be wrong?

    • Are you allowed to do prescribed texts that you didn't choose as your related? What if it's a prescribed text for standard (when you're in advanced)?

    • Are you allowed to double up - i.e. use the same related for the AOS and Module C?

    • And finally, can you use the same text type for your related as your prescribed? Can you do two relateds of the same text type?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Rules when choosing related texts?

    1) Yes technically you are allowed to use a prescribed text as a related, but I would discourage this, as markers are more likely then to have a deeper and greater understanding of that text, meaning if you write something that is not great and is an incorrect interpretation you are likely to lose a lot of marks, compared to doing a text the marker has no clue of.

    2) Yes you can but it is difficult to find a text that addresses both rubrics and works well with both your prescribed texts

    3) You can but again it has it's disadvantages such as many of the rubrics talk about the use composes use of techniques specific to a particular text type and the influence it has on the meaning gained from a text, which means that if you choose novel + novel, you can't show this distinction in your writing
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