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Thread: How do you even English?

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    How do you even English?

    I honestly think English is impossible.
    I despise those who think English is the easy AF when they also think Maths is hard AF.
    I mean... How do you even do it?
    To me English is advanced witchery.
    I need help urgently.

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    Re: How do you even English?

    Haha I was also like you to in Year 12 - English was the bane of my HSC experience as well. However, perhaps here could be some useful pointers to help you which I guess helped me do better in the end:

    - If you don't have the time/enthusiasm to read your texts, it may be better (and quicker) to instead read up on the main storyline just to wrap your head around the text in general and then scrutinise the thematic ideas though online research or academic writing. Remember that your analysis should also be linked to the syllabus/rubric so make sure that you can link your research to it. For example, in my English syllabus, one of the main topics in the syllabus was about 'Discovery' so what I did was try to collect as much analysis on my texts and try to link them to the idea of Discovery and its nuances within the rubric. However, I think you don't have 'Discovery' anymore in your syllabus but the bottom line is to just link your analysis to the syllabus for the particular Module that you're studying. For example, if I was doing Module A (Intertextual Connections for me) then I would search up my analysis on my text then link it to the topic of Intertextual Connections. As usual, I think your syllabus will be doing different topics though.

    - In creative writing, here are a few tips I did. For some reason, Creative Writing was actually one of my strongest aspects during English so hopefully these help:
    - Keep the character count as minimal as possible (I only had 2 characters)
    - Remember to prioritise vivid imagery of the setting and character development/insight rather than plot progression.
    - Vary your sentence structure - don't just have long sentences all the time or short sentences all the time. This is also true for essays I guess.
    - Try to incorporate a complex structure. I had flashbacks in my story and a circular progression.
    - I don't know if this is suitable for your syllabus but for me I had to link my story to a certain idea (i.e. Discovery). Check with the rubric and your teacher if you have to link your creative writing pieces to a particular concept.
    - Although vivid imagery and character development is pivotal, don't make it feel contrived.

    I've also written some other stuff on creative writing over in these links if you're interested:
    What is the best way to critic your own work.

    - For essay structure, I'm sure your teacher would've told you their preferred acronym structure. For me, my teacher always mentioned STEEL (statement, technique, example, effect, link). Basically just adhere to your teacher's structure and you should be fine. However, just try not to make it feel too 'blocky' and instead try to make it flow nicely when you transition from identifying a technique to explaining its effect. My teacher told us to use to following structure:
    - Make your statement of thesis in the beginning of each paragraph first
    - Then have three TEE blocks (technique, example and effect)
    - Finish with a linking and concluding sentence.

    - Also, most importantly, try to do as many practice essays/creatives as you can and hand them over to your teacher to mark. Remember that your teacher is most likely going to be the person to mark your creative/essay and so you want to make sure that they are happy with your pieces and writing style. What I would recommend is to submit an essay to the teacher then incorporate their feedback into the essay and then give it back to them to mark. Just repeat that process and you should be fine!

    Good luck! I also didn't like English very much in Year 12 too haha.
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    Re: How do you even English?

    Hi you all !! have some questions and need help from all you all !
    So at the moment, I'm doing ESL for my 2018 hsc and I have a friend who is also doing ESL but he had been in Australia for more than 5 years so he is our out-standing student in ESL. He supported to study Extension 1 English but had chosen to do ESL instead. So at the moment, he's doing a prescribed*text from Advance English whereas we're doing a different prescribed*text. so my questions are.

    1. If he does that in his HSC exam, Will his exam be considered as an outlier and will be marked differently or has more potential comparing to our exams as my classmates are all doing the same prescribed*text?
    2. I heard that in the HSC exam, the HSC markers will be different for each different Essay ( like if you do your essay on a prescribed*text then a particular HSC markers will mark that parts of your essay?) and If yes, Will he get more benefit than us by doing his own work comparing to the rest of us ?
    3. What tips to be good at studying ESL cause I'm currently band 4 in ESL and really get struck on the essay writing and how to adapt the question. ?
    4. Any recommendations for studying ESL online for AOS Discovery for China Coin book and all ESL stuffs?
    5. Should I learn to use more academic words in my essay or strongly focus on the structure of the essay ? ( I'm looking for a high band 5 ESL for my HSC)


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