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Thread: year 11 ag

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    year 11 ag

    im doing ag in my year 11 course but i am doing it in correspondance as it didnt run at my school this year. i was wondering if anyone knows or can help me with the systems diagram you have to do over year 11 and 12, as i dont understand it properly. i also need help in finding how much the average bantam chicken weighs when first hatched, if anyone can help me with that aswell....

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    Re: year 11 ag

    OK, this forum is only here occasionally so I hope this works...
    A System diagram is basically like a spider diagram of your property. Write the name of your property in the middle, and draw off it every aspect in your property (eg, soil, livestock, pests, plants etc) Branch off from these eg from pests comes animals and plants. From that comes rabbits, foxes, briars or whatever. Try to link everything together. Eg, off soild you will have the crops or pasture you grow on that soil type and where it is (eg, black soil in valleys- improved pasture) Then tie this into what you put on there eg, black soil- improved pasture- fattening lambs. Eventually the whole thing is tied in together. The most important thing is to put down EVERYTHING then try to tie it together. Eg, from livestock you may have lambs, then this is tied onto improved pasture. Also coming off them will be outputs such as shearers, mulesing contractors, drench, vaccine etc.
    It is really hard to explain, but I hope you get the idea. If you want I can email you a copy which might make it easier so just say the word.

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