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Thread: Questions Regarding My Subjects, Scaling and ATAR - From a beginner

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    Questions Regarding My Subjects, Scaling and ATAR - From a beginner

    Hello~ I'm currently a Year 10 Student (yeah I know, subject selection is still two terms away, but) here are my subjects that I plan to choose next year:

    • English Advanced
    • 2U Mathematics
    • Economics
    • Business Studies
    • Modern History
    • Spanish Continuers

    On top of that, I'm also currently accelerating in the HSC Earth and Environmental Science and I will be doing the HSC for EES later on in the year. For Year 12, I don't plan on dropping any of those subjects. In fact, I would actually like to do either History Extension or Spanish Extension.

    So here are my questions:
    1. Do my subjects scale well? Yes, I know. Pretty Generic Question. I've heard that Economics scales pretty high and same goes for Modern History. I've also been informed that Continuers Course scales higher than Beginners Courses. Are these true?(hehe sneaking in another question)
    2. Can I achieve a 90+ ATAR with these subjects?
    3. As I've stated before, I don't plan on dropping any subjects and I would like to do either History Extension or Spanish Extension(or English Extension XD). Of course, this would all add up to 13 units. Is this too much of a work load? Have people ever achieved 90+ ATARs with thirteen units of work?

    Thanks for reading and (in advance) answering my questions~ Sorry, even though I'm only Year 10, the HSC trials and sooner or later, the HSC being this close makes me want to plan ahead if you get my jist.

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    Re: Questions Regarding My Subjects, Scaling and ATAR - From a beginner

    1.1. Historically, fairly ordinary all round; economics would probably scale the best out of those. Note, scaling is carried out afresh each year.
    1.2. Inherently, it would scale better since the Continuers cohort would be stronger than the Beginners cohort. Scaling is dependent on the strength of the cohort - the stronger the abilities of the students, the higher it will scale.

    2. Yes

    3.1. Possibly. Only you can tell. You might struggle with 10 units or you might find 13 units easy.
    3.2. Yes of course.

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