Gotten my results for most of my subjects back after trials and kind of did shit to bring my english up

My school ranked around 100 last year (due to smart kids) but is normally in the 140's but my year is supposedly a smart one too so not sure what that means for an estimated rank.

Agriculture 1/9 (100%)-I do this through distance ed school rank around 200 (normally get 1 or 2 band 6 each year)

Biology 3ish/24 (92%)-5 band 6 last year (out of 20 odd kids)

Chemistry 8/19 (80%)-1 band 6 last year (of a class of 5, mostly retarded kids)

Mathematics 26ish/36 (65%)- 11 band 6 last year (our year has about 6 accelerated kids so will probs be higher)<----ignore maths, wont count and dont study for it

English advanced 29/63 (67%)-5 band 6 last year (out of 40 odd kids)

Industrial Technology 1 or 2 (close)/9 -1 band 6 last year (teacher said my project was in between band 5 and 6 so will probs get 89-91 for it)