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Thread: HSC Year Progress

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    HSC Year Progress

    After reading through another similar thread on here, I decided to make my own record of progress during my HSC year! My school is ranked in the 100-150s, usually. I haven't received all my marks back, hence the n/a.
    My ATAR goal atLEAST 95 for a Bachelor of Politics and International Relations at USYD or UNSW, but cracking 90 will seriously be a dream come true in itself.

    %AT = Weighting of Assessment Task

    Advanced English
    HSC goal - 90
    Rank goal - 1-5/38
    30%AT1 - 87%
    30%AT1 comment - This was 15% creative; 15% short answers and I fucked up the latter. I neglected to read the question for the 5 mark mini essay as I assumed it would be the usual "compare 2 random texts" and ended up analysing 2 texts which I wasn't supposed to. UGH. Most I can get for that section is 12-13/15 - assuming I get full in the remainder, which I doubt - so I'm relying on my creative to pull me up. Initially I wanted atleast 27/30, but after realising my fuck up, I'll be happy with 25/30.

    Update - Ended up with 26/30, ranking 2nd in the cohort. I got 14/15 on creative (which shocked me) and 12/15 on short answers. It was marked super harsh (lots of the usual high achievers got within the 70s range as opposed to 90), so I am beyond relieved. Much higher than I anticipated.

    English Ext 1
    HSC goal - 90 (45/50)
    Rank goal - 1-2/3
    30%AT1 - 76
    30%AT1 comment - This was an essay, and I'm relatively confident with my performance. I really hope I can crack 90%, which is roughly 23/25, but I've gone through quite the drama with my teacher regarding my work so idk if that will be detrimental to my mark.

    Edit - not happy

    General Maths
    HSC goal - 93
    Rank goal - 1-3/~90
    15%AT1 - 94%
    15%AT1 comment - I was sick with a terrible case of glandular fever and laryngitis this entire assessment period whilst working 5 days per week so I'm completely shook by my mark because I didn't study for it whatsoever. I dropped from 3u maths for the sole purpose of not wanting to spend so much time to maths, so this was my first general exam ever and seems like my purpose was fulfilled HAHAHAA. Thank fuck.

    Legal Studies
    HSC goal - 94
    Rank goal - 1-3/54
    15%AT1 - 100%
    15%AT1 comment - I'm ecstatic with this, because, as I said before, I was completely out of it due to sickness and work. I started my essay draft super early, which I reckon helped significantly to reduce my stress. I was initially so worried because legal had been my strongest subject in prelim and I knew I would disappoint my teacher starting off the year weak because of how much shit I had going on. Thank god that didn't happen lol, I'm tied 1st with 2 other people atm so I think it'll be really difficult to maintain 1st (plus my teacher is notorious for harsh marking) but I'll be happy so long as I maintain a rank within the 1-3 range.

    HSC goal - 85
    Rank goal - 1-5/23
    20%AT1 - 90
    20%AT1 comment - I think I have a chance at cracking 90 here, but I'll be content with 85. This is, by and large, my weakest subject (I finished off prelim with a mark of 83) so I'm not really having high hopes haha

    Edit - Just made 90!! So happy

    Industrial Tech - Multimedia
    HSC goal - 96
    Rank goal - 1/30
    10%AT1 - 86
    10%AT1 - I completely fucked up my presentation because I legit did it on the spot (it was worth 5% of the entire assessment lol), but I reckon my portfolio was quite strong. I think I might JUST crack 90, but I won't be surprised if I only get 85 of something haha

    Edit - Only got an 86 which I'm disappointed with, but still managed to rank first. Woo

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