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Thread: What should i do?

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    hello people, I am seeking advice as I am currently close to an anxiety attack and have no idea what to do or what to expect.
    I am half way through year 12, with 10 units.I suffer for mental illnesses which caused me to lose all motivation for school which then caused me to have an attendance below 50% as I had no energy or motivation to get out of bed.
    due to not being a school I am missed out on a lot of crucial information such like assessment information. one of my courses is society and culture which means I have a major work, my pip. as I entered year 12 I was given heaps of sheets on my pip and what to expect and I received (what I didn't know) an assessment for society and culture which was check ups and speeches and proposals about my pip. I have only just realised this after talking to someone who finished their hsc last year and who also did society and culture.
    With the assessment for society and culture I have basically failed it to my knowledge since I haven't handed in most of what was required (due to the fact that I didn't know since I thought my teacher just wanted to know what we were up to etc) and my in class speeches were incredibly shit and made up on the spot.
    so since I have most likely received a 0 for this assessment (I am awaiting information from my teacher) and due to my attendance being around 50% as of current, my question is, is there any point in continuing the rest of the year or should I just drop out. I really want to receive my hsc and receive a good atar (to me around 75) but I know that is most likely impossible now and I have no idea what to do. can I even repeat year 12 since the new hsc guidelines for next year?

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    Re: What should i do?

    If you do not receive a 0 for the task, and get an estimate or something, do you truly believe that you'll find motivation to study again and 100% think your goal of 75 is achievable?
    If so, go talk to your principal and explain your personal situation
    Drop out, go take a TAFE course and transfer or go through WSU College (google it, check their courses)
    In terms of the new syllabus, I don't think you'd be able to repeat, as you miss out on year 11 knowledge as-well (Not that its super important, just schools think like that).

    Hope you'll do your best either way.

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