Hi guys, I'm international student. I'm doing math 4units and It's now the end of term 3 of year 12 already. I become so depress recently since I didn't get a good mark in 4u. I also don't understand how is ATAR working and Am I doing well or worse.
This is what I have got until now:

Math 3units: around 80-85% Ranking: 1/5

Math 4units: 60-70% (trying to get above 70%) Ranking: 1/1 since I'm the only student doing this

ESL: 70-75% Ranking: 2/10

Food Technology: 80%~ band 5 Ranking 2/19

Hospitality: 78/100 haven't known the ranking yet

With my results above,
1. Can someone tell me that Am I doing good or not? Especially in Math 4units since I only got 60%~ something.
2. Is there any possible for me to get ATAR 90.
Thank you!