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Thread: Failed trials?? Do I still have a chance

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    Failed trials?? Do I still have a chance

    My aim is to get an ATAR of 60
    I did okay in my assessments, My rankings were low but I always passed my assessments
    However, my trials was a failure (I still have two exams to go)
    I always and I mean ALWAYS make sure I study well for an exam. However, due to spending too much time on my society and culture major I did not have time to study as much as I would of liked to. So when I went into modern history yesterday, I ended up having to make things up in my essays.
    Meanwhile Advanced English and genny maths was a failure as I didn’t have time to complete the exam. I technically completed English but it was extremely rushed as I couldn’t even write proper sentences. Maths I spent 3 hours a day studying around the week before the exam. The questions were easy and I know I could of done well...yet I did not have time to complete 1 and a half sections. Overall, my legal studies exam is the only one I feel okay about.
    I’m predicting my exam marks will be about 30-50%

    I’m just stressed that this is going to ruin my ATAR. I know that this is not a true representation of how I would usually approach an exam as it was full of anxiety just trying to remember basics and at least complete exams. Can I still achieve a 60 ATAR with the way I have gone??

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    Re: Failed trials?? Do I still have a chance

    HSC externals still count for 50% of your overall HSC mark. Study hard, and it is still possible!
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