I've been living in the Philippines for the past few years while studying law at Monash, even though I'm officially on-campus. Basically I listen to lectures online then fly back home for exams. I've got about 7 units (or a year) left to go but the problem is, one of the compulsory units (criminal law A) has an annoying mid-semester test.

What I'm thinking is maybe study criminal law off-campus at Deakin (I heard Deakin lets you do this) but I don't know if I'll get credit for that at Monash, especially considering it will be off-campus. I know they have some sort of system for applying for credit for PREVIOUS studies. Anyone have any idea?

Any other ideas to get around this would also be appreciated. I was seriously considering taking the next year off but it's the final year so I might as well just get it over with.