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Thread: Winner of Tropfest (Bamboozled) - homophobic and transphobic?

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    Winner of Tropfest (Bamboozled) - homophobic and transphobic?


    For those of you interested, a short film entitled 'Bamboozled' won this year's Tropfest Film Festival. It's a story about a guy who bumps into his "ex-girlfriend" (who had a spontaneous sex change) after a decade or so, and then after a night out drinking, they sleep with each other. In the morning however, it is revealed it was all a joke for a TV Show.

    The film has been slammed for being homophobic and transphobic for depicting homosexual sex as a disgusting punchline to a joke and sex-change operations as spontaneous with low personal involvement.

    What do you think?

    Personally, I agree - treating peoples' lifestyles as a joke, particularly when it comes to gender or homosexuality, promotes a certain disgust around it and misrepresents it as something to ridicule. This logic applies to religion too - you shouldn't be treating peoples' religious views as a joke - and on a deeper level, applies to things like the sexual objectification of women and rape culture where making phrases like "oh i got raped in my exam" or "he got raped in DotA bro" trivialises rape to as something acceptable to joke about (it goes much deeper than that but I want the topic of this to be more generalised to just social issues in general). Long story short, there are messages in media that may be intended or unintended, but subliminal and existent where there shouldn't be. (Edit: This is all my own opinion.)

    What do you think about Bamboozled?

    Feel free to offer extended opinions on the state of current media and other means of social communication.
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    Re: Winner of Tropfest (Bamboozled) - homophobic and transphobic?

    NEITHER.... these whingers need to shut their traps

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