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Thread: Applied to many stores: 2+ Interviews ?

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    Applied to many stores: 2+ Interviews ?

    I have saturated every retail store in my area with my resume and have received two email back from cotton on groups - Rubi and Factorie, for Christmas Casuals and the interview in within the next few weeks.

    However, despite the fact I'm really happy I got two offers I was thinking of waiting it out a bit incase I got more offers from different places. I know it's a bit of a risky decision but I've applied to other places that are more permanent than a Christmas Casual and I'd much prefer snagging a job there than worrying where to apply after three months.

    Another thing, should I attend both interviews and then call quits to one of them or should I just go to one of them? And what if someone else responds and ask me to go to an interview (and it was a much preferred option of mine) do I just go and reject the other two places?

    I sound so nit-picky TT__TT But I want to land a job that could help me build me up in the retail world.

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    Re: Applied to many stores: 2+ Interviews ?

    go to both interviews, say yes to the better job and no to the crappier one

    keep looking for a job, you dont have to quit your job just to go job hunting

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