Hey guys,

2017 James Ruse HSC graduate - 99.80 ATAR

Mark of 98 for Bio - STATE RANK 15th in Bio

99 for 3U Maths and 98 for 4U maths

I'm offering tutoring for anyone interested in Carlingford, Epping, Parra, Ryde and other areas close to those.

What can I offer to you that I believe other coaching centres can’t?

Well, see band 6 is all that coaching centres help you get to. However what distinguishes the VERY TOP students from just band 6 students is:

- Exam technique and tricks

- Depth of knowledge/detail of answers - Subtleties and intricacies of the topic that only the top-performing students learn.

- Learning technique – with proper learning technique and memorisation tricks, you can get a great time advantage over other students, as you will need to study less whilst being able to retain more knowledge.

It is the above 3 that I will place a strong emphasis upon in my teaching lessons. I will also definitely cover the course in comprehensive detail.

Rate is $35/hr

Contact me at tasneefhelal@gmail.com for further details. Thanks, and best of luck.