Hi everyone! My name is Daniel Hu (yeah, the lucky dude who headlined on Sydney Morning Herald today). I recently completed the HSC, graduating from Sydney Boys high. I scored an ATAR of 99.85 and a state ranking. I’m offering tutoring for several HSC courses.

Why choose me as your private tutor?

1. In my opinion, a good tutor is not one who achieved extremely high marks in her/his HSC. Please remember that just because you got a great ATAR, it doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll be a great tutor. Being able to not understand, but also convey the theory and skills required is far more IMPORTANT. I had a rough HSC journey (link: http://www.smh.com.au/national/educa...18-h06dd8.html) which helped instil the values of patience, initiative, understanding others, respect, diligence, hard work and persistence. I can and am willing to do EVERYTHING I CAN to inspire you, motivate you, and ensure you IMPROVE, helping you maximise your potential.

2. I’m able to ADAPT TO NEW STYLES OF LEARNING. If you are someone who learns better with the visual cues, I can and will designs to meet your individual needs. My lessons will be tailored towards you. We will focus on your WEAKNESSES and maximise your STRENGTHS.

3. The work we will do during the lessons will be designed to COMPLEMENT the work completed at your school. Therefore, I will not set incessant amounts of homework or materials that will not help you excel in HSC.

4. I have a strong PERSONAL DESIRE to help you achieve your goals. I’m willing to hold extra lessons before exam periods (free of charge) to help you prepare. I can be contacted at ALL TIMES and will reply to all emails within a few hours.

5. I have EXTENSIVE experience working in the tutoring industry. I have worked as a mathematics peer tutor at Sydney High, helping many students improve their marks. I also have worked and am currently working at the Brain Education, tutoring English Advanced.

6. I have a certified Working with Children’s Check

7. I can travel to most places including your home! We can also hold the lessons at your local library or State Library (depending on which is more convenient for us)

8. I’m quite flexible and am willing to work around your preferred times and make them fit my schedule (within reason)

Most importantly, I will not only help you excel in HSC but instil desirable values into you. I will teach you the importance of hard work and many other values. Yes, hard work doesn’t necessarily translate into good results, HOWEVER, the hard yards you put in now will become a part of your personal character which will stay with you FOREVER. No one will remember your ATAR or marks. People remember your CHARACTER.

The HSC subjects I am offering are:
English Advanced (96 internal mark, 2nd in SBHS cohort, 95 HSC)
English Extension 1 (48/50)
Mathematics 2U (100/100)
Mathematics 3U (49/50)
All levels of Chinese including Chinese Beginners, Chinese Continuers and Chinese in Context (97/100, state ranking of 4th for Chinese in context)

Proof of my marks can be shown on request

Price: $30 per hour (I’m happy to offer a FREE FIRST LESSON)

If you are interested, please send me a message (pm me) or alternatively send me an email to daniel.hu126@gmail.com I understand that tutoring is an EXPENSIVE INVESTMENT for parents so I’m also happy to talk to your parents and discuss options.