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Thread: $20 Eco (97)/Phys (90) tutor/ Cheap essay marking

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    Cool $20 Eco (97)/Phys (90) tutor/ Cheap essay marking

    Hey everybody!

    My name is Ben. I completed the HSC in 2017 with an atar of 98.3. A bit about myself
    - I am doing comm/education at UNSW
    - Aspiring to become an awesome teacher
    - Very passionate about eco!
    - Have tutored eco to prelim students during my HSC year (one of them topped!)

    Here's the juicy stuff (HSC marks):
    ECO - 97
    ADV ENG - 91
    PHYS - 90
    SOR I - 46
    MATHS - 96

    Eco can be a real struggle for many reasons (eg ALOT of content, writing responses that give you FULL marks, UNDERSTANDING theory/real life relationship, what the theory actually means), but I'm super stoked to guide and help you!

    What you can expect from me as your tutor:
    - Being able to explain ANY eco concept so that YOU understand; and
    - Explaining it as MANY times as you need
    - Online essay/ short answer/ your questions answered
    - Give YOU a competitive edge through a solid foundation of the subject, approaching responses and up-to-date stats
    - I don't bite
    - Will make sure lessons are catered to YOU (ie focusing on your weaknesses and consolidating your strengths!)
    - SIMPLIFY and ENJOYABLE-FY eco. Trust me. Eco will be stress free
    - EXTRA lessons/ I will make ESSENTIAL notes that you can take into your upcoming exams

    I charge $25/hr for private tutoring and $20/ hr for 2 students. Lessons will be 2 hours long.
    This is your HSC and I know the struggles of it. Place your trust in me and I will help you through HSC eco.

    Physics is quite difficult as it is highly conceptual. As a result, it is harder to form coherent, solid responses to curveball questions. However, I am really excited to break down physics for you!

    What you can expect from me as your tutor:
    - Breakdown complicated Physics concepts so that YOU UNDERSTAND
    - Teach you exactly how to write FULL MARK RESPONSES;
    - Providing a HOLISITC view of each topic so that YOU are able to incorporate different concepts in your repsonses
    - I'll gve you the right hand curl rule (thumbs up)
    - Will make sure lessons are 100% catered to you (working on your weaknesses and consolidating your strengths)
    - EXTRA lessons/ I wil make ESSENTIAL notes that you can take into your upcoming exams.

    I charge $20/hour private!

    I am charging $15 per essay/a substantial amount of short answers for a VERY HEAVY marking/editing service. I am offering this service for:
    - ECO
    - SOR I

    What you can expect:
    - Basically your whole response in red
    - Fixing grammar/ expression/ vocab
    - Making sure your argument is legit, makes sense and very solid
    - My suggestions on what you should be working on/ adding to your response to make it tip-top!
    - How to approach the response and how you should attack the given question
    - For adv/std eng, unless I have studied the texts, I will still mark/edit to the best of my ability so that your essay is SUPER SOLID in terms of your arguments and textual evidence
    - Expect so much stuff from me for your eco responses
    - Expect suggestions about thought provocative, profound and insightful additions to your sor essays

    If you're interested, please shoot me an email at as I am most responsive there! Looking forward to tutoring you (and your mates!) and marking all your stuff!
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    Re: Eco tutor (97)/ cheap essay marking - eco/sor(46)/adv eng (91)

    So lucky I got in quick. Its only been two days since he posted this and he's already booked out?? tf bro

    loljk from a classmate and friend this man is nothing short of confucious and asserts economic knowledge like no other, a fantastic all-rounder in all subjects and exudes a passion for knowledge and teaching. 10/10 would recommend his guidance and friendship.

    Also, don't fret to ask the man for gym advice benlambb is your mannn

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