Hi everyone!

My name is Helen and I've been tutoring years 7-12 students for the past 4 years after graduation as a side job. I graduated from St George Girls High School and received an All Rounders award.

I have taken on more than 30+ students and have had my fair share of experience. I work as a professional writer and create online content for marketing purposes giving me industry experience in all areas of writing and English. I am now looking to do some tutoring outside of my coaching centre and share the knowledge I have gained in previous years.

I studied Extension 2 English and am capable of teaching students from years 7-12. I also did Modern history, Ancient history and Extension history which means I've done my fair share of essays! I'm easy going, passionate about what I teach and goal oriented in making sure my students reach their goals. I'm also young and can completely understand all the stress of school (not to mention I'm pretty chatty... about everything!).

So here's the deal.

I'm happy to do private lessons (between 1-2 hours depending on what is needed) IN PERSON or via SKYPE. I am flexible and can arrange specific times to meet up with students at their convenience but can also tailor to busy students through online lessons. If you are skeptical about these, let me explain!


These are pretty self explanatory. I will create a study plan with you, focusing on your weaknesses and we will begin to address each area to improve your ranks and marks at school (and hopefully your enjoyment of the subject). These lessons are weekly and range from 1-2 hours depending on your goals, ability and age. We will organise a suitable meeting spot for the lesson and the personalised aspect will maximise efficiency!

I can travel to Sydney's CBD, around UNSW, Hurstville, Padstow and anywhere in between. Contact me for any other locations.

SKYPE LESSONS: ($45/75 mins)

These lessons will begin with 2-4 in person lessons. For busy students who do not want to waste travel time, these lessons are a great idea. At a organised time every week, the student will call in for the lesson. Prior to this lesson, the student should be communicating with me about what's going on at school, what they would like to work on and I can send the materials over. At the lesson time, I will go through EXACTLY the same material as the normal in person lessons.

I have done these in the past and have had some really great results.

MARKING/EDITING ($20/1000 words)

For Extension 2 students as well as HSC students who would like me to go over their essays and creatives to give my feedback, I can offer a marking service. Students will send me their essays and I will give DETAILED feedback, areas for improvement, suggestions and resources that will make your lives a little easier. Contact me for more info!

Note: I have also had experience teaching ESL students and can speak some Chinese. If you are an ESL student, feel free to contact me directly.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please contact me for a trial lesson in person! The best way to reach me is either via email at
helenjin0996@gmail.com or text at 0449 095 559. I might not reply to phone calls unless you text me first due to availability issues.

Can't wait to hear from you!