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Thread: LAT Tutoring: 100th percentile

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    LAT Tutoring: 100th percentile

    Hi guys,

    My name is Michael Nguyen-Kim, and I'm currently a Law/Economics student at UNSW. I sat the inaugural Law Admissions Test (LAT) in 2016 as a Year 11 student, scoring the highest mark of that year's sitting (99/100, 100th percentile).

    I am offering a limited number of slots for those seeking tutoring for the LAT. $50 per hour. Times and locations are negotiable. Groups welcome.

    As you may know, the LAT is a (pretty much) compulsory prerequisite for admission into Law at UNSW and is used in conjunction with the ATAR as a a selection mechanism. The test itself consists of two essays designed to test critical thinking, logic, and written communication. These essays are unlike those which you are trained to write in school and require a distinct approach and skillset.

    The test is always held in the last week of September, immediately before the HSC. The best time to prepare for the LAT would be around now (April holidays/start of Term 2), as you are free from the demands of trials and/or the real HSC.

    If interested, email me at nguyenkimmichael[at]gmail[dot]com or PM me on BoS.
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