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Thread: Matrix vs Talent 100 vs Dux College vs Dr Du

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    Matrix vs Talent 100 vs Dux College vs Dr Du

    Was just wondering which tutors are best for maths 3U and English 3U and just in general. All opinions are appreciated especially if you have gone or know someone who goes to those tutors

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    Re: Matrix vs Talent 100 vs Dux College vs Dr Du

    I went to Matrix for 4U Maths and Talent 100 for 3U Maths and I thought they were alright.

    Matrix is probably structured a bit better than Talent 100 as they have weekly quizzes to help you identify your strengths/weaknesses and the overall delivery of the theory is more organised I think. Furthermore, the quality of the classes will also be largely dependent on which teacher you have.

    Talent 100 however in my opinion, wins in their concision and how quickly they go over the course content. They finish the entire syllabus a term early so basically the last term is just going over exams every week, which I found pretty useful.

    I never went to Dr. Du but I've heard that it produces many state rankers and that lots of selective school students go there. Also, I've heard that Dr. Du gives out a lot of homework, but I can't confirm this since I never went there.

    In terms of English, I would highly recommend Delta Education. My English was completely horrendous before I went there but after joining it, I managed to happily surprise myself in regards to my English HSC mark primarily thanks to Delta. They also have an 'Essay Perfection Program' in which you can submit essays whenever you like and a state ranker will mark your essay and give around 500 words of feedback.

    These are just my 2 cents on these tuition centres so don't take them too seriously. Hope it helped though
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    Re: Matrix vs Talent 100 vs Dux College vs Dr Du

    I can tell you from personal experience that Talent is a cut above the rest. I attended Talent for 4 years and started back when i was in year 9. Honestly, all the resources and help are available for you there, and if you're willing to do the work you will succeed.

    Based off feedback from my friends i have heard that the tutors at Matrix are not the best, I've heard stories of tutors who aren't exactly totally capable or confident with teaching material, and other tutors who are unnecessarily strict or short tempered.

    I think that's a huge deal because after a long day of school, or when you're sacrificing your weekend, you don't want to be in a negative environment, and i honestly never had that issue at Talent. All the tutors are welcoming and super fun, even when i had a sub they made the classes very enjoyable. Even in terms of teaching content, they were extremely capable. The tutors were really confident and taught it in ways which i could understand rather than just in one specific way in which most students are expected to "learn." They call the tutors "mentors" and i think it's so appropriate because they really are more than a tutor, they become a friend.

    I have nothing but good things to say about Talent, they helped me achieve a band 6 in all the subjects that i received tutoring in, and I've made so many friends there and honestly improved my knowledge a substantial amount. I haven't heard much about Dr Du or Dux, but I've never really heard anyone boast how amazing it is. I don't think you can go wrong with choosing Talent.

    I hope this helped ^^

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