I am offering my English Tutoring Services! I came first in North Sydney boys (grad.2017) in English Extension 1 and 3rd in English Advanced. (atar 99.05)💥 I have previous experience as a HSC marker for the biggest tutoring centre in Hurstville. I know my shit. I know how to make your essay better. I KNOW HOW TO HELP YOU!!

Now im aware that alot of people are not willing for tutoring, dont live in my area etc. So, im offering my essay fixing help! Just send me ur essay online and Ill fix it up for you, give you invaluable feedback and ultimately stick with you until that essay is perfect. Or i could just fix everything for you haha. This is a CHEAP AND COST-EFFECTIVE WAY to secure the BEST MARKS POSSIBLE.

I linked some of my past students photos down here. They all achieved fantastic marks in Advanced English last year. One of them scored 96 in Advanced which was unbelievable! Dont plagarise btw xd.

PRICES: 50 for 1 to 1 tutoring NEAR/AROUND Hurstville or Strathfield.

For essay fixing: determined by how much work needs to be done. Minimum 20, maximum 80.

TEXT ME 0432305984