Hi everyone,

As students in the 2012 HSC have recently completed their mathematics courses it is time to take on new students. I am looking for students from the Hills area who are undertaking General Mathematics, 2 Unit Mathematic or Extension 1 Mathematics either in Year 11 or Year 12. I adopt a specific tutoring strategy to encourage students not to rote learn concepts but understand all the concepts behind the theory so you are able to apply concepts to all sorts of questions. My teaching methods also enable students to store the material for long term use with constant revision with prepared revision lessons. The price is also negotiable depending on your area.

Id also like to add that I achieved 46/50 in Extension 1 mathematics and 96/100 in 2 Unit Mathematics. I am affordable and take pleasure in teaching concepts to students and have lead students to excellent results under my guidance. I prefer to tutor on the weekends but if it is more convenient for you to be tutored during the week we can work around that. I also travel to students houses making it as easy as possible for the student.

If you are interested email me at muscat.stephen.040144@gmail.com where further plans can be arranged and an immediate start is not required.