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Thread: Tutoring - Eng Adv (96) (98 raw mark), Mod His (94), Ext Eng (94), Business (93)

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    Post Tutoring - Eng Adv (96) (98 raw mark), Mod His (94), Ext Eng (94), Business (93)

    Hey hey!

    I graduated in 2017 as DUX of my school, with an ATAR of 97.95. I achieved 6 Band 6's, and an astounding raw mark of 98 in English Advanced.

    I currently tutor for Advanced and Extension English, however also tutor Standard students as well. I have heaps of resources which I also send my students throughout the week, I provide my students with past papers, unseen essay questions, short answers, comprehensions, you name it. Your development in the subject really is important to me!

    I currently tutor both in person and online, and online is becoming increasingly convenient for my students due to its flexibility.

    In person: public libraries in the Northern Beaches (furthest is DY) or State Lib in the city
    Online: through Face Time/Skype & Google docs

    The subjects I am currently tutoring for include:
    Modern History - I achieved a Trial mark of 97, and an HSC mark of 94
    Advanced English - I achieved a raw HSC exam mark of 98, and a scaled HSC mark of 96
    Extension English - I achieved an HSC mark of 94, ranked 1st consistently throughout the year
    Business Studies - I achieved an HSC mark of 93
    SOR - I achieved an HSC mark of 96, and ranked 1st consistently throughout the year

    If you are wanting to get ahead, and are interested in getting tutored for any of the above subjects, feel free to email me about inquiries about my rate and any further questions:

    Also: if you are unable to commit to tutoring sessions, and prefer the help and feedback in written form, I also offer comprehensive essay/creative writing/assessment marking. I spend a full hour (if not, then overtime) on your work, providing you with detailed feedback, suggested alternatives and explanations for my advice, as well as feedback on what you are doing well and where you need to improve. For this service, my rate is $40 per essay/creative/assessment, non-negotiable. For inquiry about this service, feel free to email me:

    I also sell a range of notes, summaries and comprehensive essay plans to every possible question/syllabus dot point, all band 6 material:

    English Advanced:
    DISCOVERY - Wrack & Related text, Creative writing which got 15/15 every time. For paper 1, I always got full marks.
    Mod A - Richard III & Looking for Richard
    Mod B - Speeches
    Mod C - Judith Wright Poetry

    Modern History:
    Core: WWI
    National Study: Germany
    Personality: Albert Speer
    Conflict: Conflict in Indochina

    Business Studies:
    (Operations, Marketing, Finance, HR) summary notes, essay plans, all complete with case studies for every dot point.

    Religion post 1945 & Aboriginal Spirituality - comprehensive notes, definitions, practice 5 markers to every dot point - all 5/5 responses
    Christianity - Martin Luther, Marriage, Sexual Ethics
    Judaism - Moses Maimonides, Marriage, Sexual Ethics

    If you are interested in purchasing any notes from any of the above listed subjects, feel free to inquire about pricing and any further questions, by contacting me:
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    Re: Tutoring - Eng Adv (96) (98 raw mark), Mod His (94), Ext Eng (94), Business (93)


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