Hey guys,

My name is Gordon and I graduated from North Sydney Boys in 2016 where I studied 2U English, 4U Maths. Economics, and Physics, scoring 94 in both Economics and 3 unit maths (proof of ATAR and marks can be provided upon request). I've had lots of experience explaining content to struggling classmates during the HSC (who ended up doing VERY well) and tutoring year 10/11/12 students during throughout 2017. I will also focus on exam technique while offering practice papers/resources to maximise your ability to do well in school. Furthermore, You can also message me during the week if you have questions and i will be happy to explain.

Having recently completed the HSC, I understand that it's a very systematic test and will hence focus on a deep understanding of content and how to approach common questions/mistakes. I also understand that everybody has their own unique learning style and will try to adapt to best suit your needs. I am also happy to offer some friendly life advice if needed

Pricing/Location/Contact Details
I currently charge $50/hr for each of the above subjects and offer a group discount. I primarily tutor at Strathfield Library but am willing to travel to other public places in the inner west/CBD depending on the requested time, OR to your house (if you live in previously stated areas) for an additional fee (might not need additional fee depending on the time you want/distance. Feel free to inquire!). If you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact me at gordon.xie1@hotmail.com to ask questions or arrange times.

I wish you all the best!