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Thread: STATE RANKING TUTORS (1ST + 2ND) | $30/h Eco Tutoring | 99.95 | James Ruse Grads

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    STATE RANKING TUTORS (1ST + 2ND) | $30/h Eco Tutoring | 99.95 | James Ruse Grads

    Hi guys!

    I'm George Lin, the co-founder of Crest Economics along with Spencer Hu. Crest Economics is Sydney's leading provider of Economics tuition for both HSC and Preliminary students.

    George Lin (99.85 ATAR 2016, 2nd in NSW Economics, 8th in NSW Biology, Com/Law at USYD)
    Spencer Hu (99.95 ATAR 2016, 1st in NSW Economics, 8th in NSW Advanced English, Co-op at UNSW)

    Our Classes

    Our students are provided with detailed, State Ranking notes based on the Economics Syllabus. They are taught content that extends far beyond what is learnt normally at school, helping them to stand out from their peers and achieve exceptional marks. At Crest, we believe that students receive average marks not because of what they write, but because of what they haven't written. We teach our students exactly what’s needed to get full marks in short answers and essays.

    Class Structure

    20 minutes of discussion of recent economic news and events - crucial to stand out in essays
    100 minutes of detailed content breakdown - All syllabus dotpoints comprehensively covered
    12 students maximum in a classroom (Parramatta)

    Short Answers
    Students who attend our classes will learn from the best minds in the state. Our classes cover every aspect of the syllabus in great detail. HSC Economics questions increasingly demand that students apply their knowledge, so mere rote-learning is often not enough. We teach our students how to integrate knowledge from multiple topics—so they can produce the high quality responses that HSC markers are looking for.
    On top of learning content, students will be taught the appropriate exam technique to break down any short answer question. Tutors will provide many examples of short answer questions and will walk through solutions step by step. Students are also encouraged to attempt short answer questions at home - we offer free online assistance to students outside of class hours.

    Students will learn how to write and structure essay content. The HSC exam consists of four extended response questions of which students are asked to write two essays of their choice. At Crest, we will provide updated essay plans for all essays that can be potentially asked in the HSC. These essay plans include the analysis of relevant economic theories, graphs and statistics. Furthermore, we also provide essay marking services for our students at no extra charge.

    $30 / hour
    $60 / lesson
    $540 / 1 term (9 weeks)

    Time Table
    Currently, classes are available for the following times. However, if you wish to express interest in another time please let us know. We may open up new classes in the future if there is sufficient interest. Classes weekly during the school term.

    Prelim Economics

    Saturday 3:30 - 5:30 pm
    Sunday 2:00 - 4:00 pm

    HSC Economics

    Saturday 1:30 - 3:30 pm
    Saturday 6:00 - 8:00 pm
    Sunday 9:30 - 11:30 am
    Thursday 4:00 - 6:00 pm

    Proven results

    Congratulations to our 2017 Cohort which achieved fantastic results! Our top achievers:

    Leon X, Baulkham Hills 97
    Vivian X, Baulkham Hills 96
    Fahaad A, Alpha Omega 96
    Kieran Z, James Ruse 94
    Naveena S, St George Girls 93
    Magnus Z, Baulkham Hills 93
    Jordan J, Castle Hill 93
    Lachlan, Castle Hill 93

    For enquiries and enrolment: please email, call or text us at your convenience.

    George Lin 0450668278
    Spencer Hu 0432683060

    Rego here for HSC:

    Unit 13, Level 3, 48 George Street, Parramatta NSW
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    James Ruse Class of 2016 | 99.85 ATAR | Economics (98) 2nd in NSW | Biology (97) 8th in NSW | Mathematics (97) | Physics (95) | English Adv (94) |

    I offer $30/h HSC economics tutoring!

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