Have you got a school or university essay due soon? Not entirely sure your grammar or wording is correct? Stop hounding you friends and family to give it a read through, send it to me instead!

Simply email me your essay, Paypal me $20 and I will return it with my comments and tips. If you would like further reviews of your revised work, simply Paypal me another $20 and I will look at it again. Have as many or as few reviews as you like, it all depends on you!

A bit about me:
UAI 99.65
Advanced English 96/100
English Ext 1 48/50
English Ext 2 45/50
Ancient History 98/100
PDHPE 96/100
Advanced maths 97/100
Maths Ext 1 47/50

I love reading, writing and critiquing other peoples' work is something I do for fun. I am a medical doctor (GP) now, but have not lost my love for the written word! I regularly maintain a blog and write fiction in my spare time.

PM if interested. Or if you want to ask me how I managed to do medicine without doing any science subjects at school, hehe.