Hi there,

I'm looking to tutor students in years 9, 8 or 7 in 2019. I will be in year 10 in 2019, and believe that my age will enable me to effectively cater to the needs of students based on personal experiences in high school and an expansive knowledge of the curriculum and study techniques.
I'm particularly looking to tutor students in mathematics or English who are struggling or receiving below-average results, though can also tutor people in other subjects and people of varying degrees of ability.
If you don't want to be intimidated by a professional tutor, peer tutoring can be great. I have partaken in peer tutoring as a tutor at my own school though would like to expand my tutoring base outside of that. I have a large quantity of resources for a variety of subjects and will be able to assist in essay-writing and effective studying.
It may be useful for you to also know that I was the DUX of year 9 at my high school and achieved all band 10s in NAPLAN. If you want to enquire about possibly being tutored, learn about prices or find out more, you can email me at: gtbronte12@gmail.com.

Also, if you know kids in primary who are looking for tutoring, I'm open to tutoring them. (I just wasn't sure if primary age kids would be on BOS)

Side note: I can do online tutoring or if you're in the Sutherland shire we can go to a local library.