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    Hi! I'm Jess and I recently graduated from Meriden School (2018) on a full Academic Scholarship, receiving an ATAR of 99.45.

    HSC Results: (verification available upon request)
    - English Advanced (93)
    - Mathematics Ext. 1 (95)
    - Mathematics Ext. 2 (91)
    - Chemistry (93)
    - Physics (93)

    As an All Rounder (B6's in all 10 units) and Distinguished Achiever, I have the skills/knowledge to improve understanding and confidence in several subjects, thus boosting overall marks.

    I know the importance of personalised lesson plans, and can cater towards each student's learning needs - whether it be homework help or exam preparation. Everyone has different styles of learning and I'm more than happy to adapt to each one.

    Having just finished my HSC, I have a plethora of notes, past papers and sample responses to assist with study. These are sourced from various tutoring companies as well as different state-rankers. Quality resources are extremely useful and integral to perfecting exam technique. I'm also aware of the syllabus change and can work with students through this.
    --> I'm selling English notes/example essays, Physics notes and Chemistry notes - enquire for pricing!

    For younger students (primary / Y7-10), I provide tutoring services for English, Maths and Science at $40 per hour.

    For older students (Y11-12), I can tutor the following HSC subjects:
    - English Advanced/Standard
    --> I'm also able to mark essays, provide feedback and answer
    any questions for $15/essay
    - Mathematics
    - Mathematics Ext. 1
    - Chemistry
    - Physics

    Please feel free to contact me at 0426981588 for any additional enquiries!
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