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Thread: PIP Focus group - online?

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    Question PIP Focus group - online?

    I want to do a focus group of young women for my PIP about the topic (Gender inequality within Australian politics- my topic isnt finished yet or finialised because i am still early in the process) and I was wondering if I could conduct my focus group online using social media or focus group websites? I want to have a variety of different young women invloved and its not always easy to get women from different areas to be able to meet in one place. Is this allowed? Would I be able to do this? If its not allowed, would I be able to act as if it wasnt online? At the moment, I am only conducting this focus group for an assignment that is due soon so I could reconduct a focus group later on in the process.

    thanks so much

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    Re: PIP Focus group - online?

    People post questionnaires for their PIP on this website all the time so I would expect that you would be able to do so. Double check with your teacher if possible.
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